Do Not Do it Yourself

Do you know what the Resolver spirit is? When resources are scarce, it's about repurposing whatever you have to make what you need. Building everything from anything, especially if it serves to piss off the regime. If you have an old engine, some wires, a dusty radio and a bunch of rusty nails… Trust me, you can make something incredible! This is where Richard comes in. He is a fan of Far Cry 6 so dedicated that he actually went to Yara, and wants to do his own Do It Yourself tutorials. But Richard is quite clumsy, to say the least. And can you guess what clumsiness and overexcitement give?

Do Not Do It Yourself #1 | The Turret

Do Not Do It Yourself #2 | The Nailgun

Do Not Do It Yourself #3 | The Backpack

Do Not Do It Yourself #4 | The Flamethrower

Embrace the Resolver Spirit, only in Far Cry 6!


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