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23 May 2022

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Title update 1.5.2 will be deployed on all supported platforms tomorrow, May 24, 2022, at 12 pm UTC/GMT, 1 pm CET, 7 am EST, 4 am PST, and 11 pm AEDT.

Patch Sizes:

Xbox Series X|S: ~7.8 GB
Xbox One: ~7.8 GB
PlayStation®5: ~1.8 GB
PlayStation®4: ~1.4 GB
PC: ~7.08 GB

See below for the most notable changes in Title Update 1.5.2.


New Armory Building & Customizable Loadouts

Added the Armory building and loadout feature to the game.

[ACV] Title Update 1.5.2 Patch Notes - Armory Interior

Ravensthorpe has expanded! Construct the new Armory building and unlock up to five gear loadouts that you can display in your settlement and freely swap to from around the world.

The Armory can be built after upgrading Ravensthorpe to Level 3 and requires foreign cargo, which can be obtained in River Raids. Once built, it will function as your own personal gallery for the gear and weapons that have served you well in the various raids, assassinations, and adventures throughout your playtime.

[ACV] Title Update 1.5.2 Patch Notes - LOADOUT

Time to make the most of your gear! Customize up to five different loadouts from the inventory screen. Create various combinations to match with your favorite playstyles, give them a label, and change them on the go. Freedom of approach is the name of the game, and with the loadouts you can now switch from savage raider to stealthy assassin with the press of a button in the inventory screen.

Upon building the Armory, you will be given two initial loadout slots. Upgrade the armory up to four times in order to unlock the remaining slots.

River Raids

Added new rewards to River Raids.

[ACV] Title Update 1.5.2 Patch Notes - Rewards

Time to sound the horn and go a-Viking. New rewards are making their way to River Raids, including weapons and new customizable options for Eivor.

Gather your crew and prepare to bring back more resources to Ravensthorpe.


Expansion 3: Dawn of Ragnarök



  • Mount skin changes made in Svartalfheim not persisting after save-load action.

  • Various pieces of the All-Father set missing after purchase from Kara.

Main Quests, World Events, and Side Activities


  • Unable to progress in Finding Fritjof as Tyra won't get in the boat.

  • Unable to progress in Finding Fritjof as Tyra won't move after leaving the foundry.

  • Tyra gets stuck and does not move after killing the Muspel patrol during quest objective Follow Tyra .

  • Tyra is missing from the next location in Finding Fritjof if players enter Fornama before speaking to her.

  • Unable to progress in The Scholar and the Sunstone as Einar has stopped moving.

  • Enemies will attack players during the World Event A Beast's Burden.

  • No world limit barrier is present when exploring the cave ahead of the dwarves in the quest Gift to the God.

  • Players can pass the bridge sequence in The Reckoning by using Explosive Retreat.

  • Cannot progress in Pride of the Aesir as the cutscene does not start after opening Baldr's cell.

  • Bo's corpse disappears during the dialogue scene with Liv in the World Event Carpe Diem.

  • One of the NPCs will be spawned on the side of the monolith in the world event The Ballad of Kraka and Svaldi.



  • Players are able to block the Giant Ravens' heavy attacks using their shield.

  • Sinmara glitches if player defeats her summoned NPCs with fists.

  • Using the Thorn of Slumber ability on one of her spawned Muspels momentarily prevents Sinmara from draining them.

  • Teleport Assassination does not work once Sinmara's Champions are knocked down.

  • Eysa doesn't hit players when counterattacking.

  • Muspel Pyro struggles to aim at players. Equipped corrective lenses. 

Valkyrie Arena


  • Balanced the power level of exploders when players were under-leveled.

Skills, Abilities, and Powers


  • Freezing or shattering effects not applying in certain instances.

  • Muspel minions running away if players use Goule of Breath ability on Elite Muspels. Increased courage.

  • Any hidden weapon or gear reappearing on Havi upon landing with the Power of the Raven.

  • Muspelheim and Jotunheim disguises not being removed after the timer has run out.

  • Raven form could be activated just before dying.



  • Players don't receive the Jotun Chest piece after clearing the map.

  • Wolfpacks disappear from the Open World after performing a fast travel action near their location.

  • Wolfpack leaders will keep talking to their minions despite being dead. Very spooky!

  • Wolfpack enemies disappear when shapeshifting to Jotuns.

  • Cannot open the last Raiding Chests if players close the game while opening one of these chests.

  • Instances where Sinmara's Chosens can get stuck in the environment during combat.

  • Various incorrect AI behaviors.

Graphics, Animation, and Audio


  • Several crashes and freezes during cutscenes.

  • Players remain stuck in a free-fall animation and get desynchronized after performing a Dive of the Valkyries from extreme height. Don't try this at home!

  • Various issues where Havi remains stuck in a free-fall animation and/or gets desynchronized.

  • Weapon sheathing animation is not triggered when calling the longship while in combat.

  • Numerous graphics, texture, animation, or lighting issues.

  • Instances of misplaced or floating objects or textures.

  • Numerous flickering issues.



  • Various camera issues.

  • Numerous UI/HUD issues.



  • Disguise being removed when calling the longship.

  • Eivor missing one eye upon completing the Dawn of Ragnarök expansion and returning to England. Vision was too real, had to give them back their eye.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla


  • Players will now receive a Mastery Point upon reaching Power Level 200.

Mastery Challenge Pack 2


  • Custom Stealth Settings are overwritten after leaving a trial.

  • Mastery Challenge assets are present in the Open World after exiting any trial.

  • Cannot assassinate one of the NPCs in the Saint Guthlac's Raven trial.

  • NPCs fall under the map in the Trial of the Wolf at Saint Guthlac's Point.

  • Instances of issues with the pause menu in certain trials.

  • The game freezes when restarting the Saint Guthlac's Raven trial after triggering an assassination mini-game.

Main Quests, World Events, and Side Activities


  • The duel with Dag does not trigger after sleeping to enter the quest A Brewing Storm.

  • Ivarr does not move during the King Killer quest.

  • Players get stuck in the quest An Uncommon Proposition if they stopped to fish after choosing the romance option with Tarben (in-game version 1.2.1).

  • NPC spawns and is stuck on the dock in the World Event Deviled Water.

  • Bears not spawning during the World Event Skal to your Wealth.

River Raid


  • Unable to talk to Vagn after completing A River to Raid.

Wrath of the Druid


  • Children of Danu NPC cannot be reached after falling through a texture.

  • Cannot loot key in Into the Fog if the cave has been cleared out before accepting the quest.

The Siege of Paris


  • Unable to locate Toka during the quest Majesty in the Dark.



  • Drinking game in Grantebridge cannot be started. Drink responsibly

  • Unable to start the Daughters of Lerion encounter.

Graphics, Animation, and Audio


  • Animation issue when hijacking a mounted enemy from behind.

  • Numerous clipping issues.

  • Eivor's line These new visions of Odin trouble me playing on loop upon returning to Ravensthorpe.



  • Zealot icon disappears from the in-game map before confirming the kill.

  • Numerous UI/HUD issues.



  • The Hreidmar's Blessed Armor Set is not available in the transmog tab.

  • Berserker pack not displayed in the Store if one item has been purchased from the pack already.

  • Berserker pack isn't marked as owned in the Animus Store if acquired by owning the Ultimate Edition.

  • Some parts of the Ymir Scream tattoo set are missing.

  • Incorrect items advertised in the Store.

Performance and Stability


  • Added performance and stability improvements.

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