8 April 2024

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AC Mirage Title Update 1.0.8

Title update for Assassin's Creed Mirage will be deployed on all supported platforms tomorrow, April 9 @ 12 PM UTC / 1 PM GMT / 7 AM ET / 4 AM PT. Title update 1.0.8 for Assassin's Creed Mirage will be deployed on all supported platforms tomorrow

Patch Sizes:

  • Xbox Series X|S: ~4.55 GB
  • Xbox One: ~3.15 GB
  • PlayStation®5: ~1.89 GB
  • PlayStation®4: ~5.31 GB
  • PC: ~3.34 GB



  • Multiple stability improvements.
  • PS5 DualSense Edge Controller is now properly detected on PC.
  • Saves will now appear correctly in the loading menu when playing with the Full Synchronization Challenge on.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the Light Blade upgrade for the Throwing Knife would cause the aiming reticle to lock while aiming and charging a Throwing Knife.

Full Synchronization Challenge

  • Fixed an issue where the total number of kills and conflicts were not displayed correctly upon finishing a Full Synchronization playthrough
  • Fixed an issue where the completion celebration pop-up overlapped the resume button.
  • Improved the Full Synchronization Challenge flow to prevent players activating the mode without knowing.
    • Inverted the placement of the ON & OFF Buttons in the menus when starting a new game.
    • Clarification of the mode description when hovering over the ON/OFF buttons.


  • "Bookworm": In New Game Plus, the Lost Books tracker now shows the correct amount of books collected when all 7 books were found in a previously completed playthrough.
  • "Trouble at the Souq": Fixed an issue where Al Anga would enter in a t-pose after being hit by a berserk dart.
  • *Get Scroll (World Event after "Follow Al-Mahani"): *Fixed an issue where two of the scrolls wouldn't be highlighted in orange whilst using Eagle Vision.
  • Costume dye names are now aligned correctly in the Inventory Menu when the game is played in Arabic.

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