10 December 2019

Anno 1800™ The Passage

December 10, 2019 - Anno 1800TM, the latest installment from the successful city-building and strategic franchise, is releasing its third and last DLC: The Passage, included in the Season Pass, on Windows PC. Inviting players to the frozen north,"The Passage" is the biggest additional content releasing for Anno 1800.

"The Passage" brings a new dimension to the world of Anno 1800, inviting players to conquer the Arctic session. Harsh weather conditions are a dire enemy in the north and the new heating mechanic will challenge reckless players to rethink the way they used to create layouts in order to keep their residents warm and healthy. The new region is an exciting adventure for everyone but a true challenge for achievers who want to conquer the wasteland in order to reap significant rewards.

This third and biggest Season Pass DLC, "The Passage" tells a story of bravery and hardship, inspired by the valiant souls who risked their life in the name of progress, and tasks you to establish an outpost in the Arctic Circle. The sight of the eerie and beautiful wilderness invites everyone to follow in the footsteps of the Arctic explorers of the 19th century, while seasoned Anno players can look forward to an exciting challenge with a worthy payoff at the end.

The Passage will release December 10th along with Game Update 6. The Passage expands the content of Anno 1800 with:

  • A new Arctic gameplay session
  • Rescue Sir Johns crew in a new story chapter for Anno 1800
  • 2 new Residential Tiers: the Explorers and the Technicians
  • 32 new Buildings, 7 new production chains and 13 new production goods
  • Over 60 new quests
  • Fight the cold with the new heating systems
  • Construct your airship trade fleet in the new Airship Hangar monument

In addition, the co-op mode and in-depth statistics system free updates are releasing today for all Anno 1800 players:

  • The Co-Op mode will allow players to share the responsibilities of raising and managing an industrial empire. Up to four factions will be able to compete in the same match involving until 16 players.
  • In-depth statistics system showing players detailed stats on production and consumption of all their goods across all islands.

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Anno 1800

Welcome to the 19th century, a time of industrialization, diplomacy, and discovery. Rich with technological innovations, conspiracies, and changing allegiances, this era presents the perfect setting for classic Anno gameplay.

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15 April 2019


Simulation / Strategy


Ubisoft Mainz

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