European League 2020

Now that Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the 2020 European League are completed, let’s take a look at the final standings.

Stage 1 Standings:


The top 4 teams at the end of Stage 1 qualified for the European August Six Major, which saw BDS Esport emerge as the winner.

Stage 2 Standings:

EUL Ranking_Stage_2

The top 4 teams at the end of Stage 2 have qualified for the European November Six Major, which will run from November 6 through 8.
The full season standings are given by combining the standings from Stage 1 and Stage 2:

EUL Season 1 Final Ranking

The top 4 teams in the full season standings will compete for the title of European Champions at the European Finals.

The European Finals will also host the European Challenger League finals, where the winner will take the spot of the 10th placed team and compete in the European League in 2021. The loser of the European Challenger League finals, however, will face the team ranking 9th in a match to decide who will compete with the best of the best in 2021.

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