Play Anno 1800™ with a YouTube Creator and win $1,000!

Enter into the Anno 1800™ Battle of the Ages for a Chance to Win Big and Play with a YouTube Personality

An epic war is on the horizon and your assistance is needed! Eight YouTube creators have been selected to compete against each other and build the most legendary Anno 1800 city, but they need a partner for this battle. Here are the opponents that will be duking it out head-to-head:

  • Oompaville vs. MattShea
  • BunnyFuFuu vs. Professor Akali
  • BaronVonGames vs. Ohmwrecker
  • LevelCapGaming vs. PhlyDaily

Each of our noble stars will be picking a fan to join them in the Battle of Ages, and it could be you!

For a chance to join one of the YouTube teams, you must do the following:

1. Play Anno 1800 and build the most impressive city possible

2. Take the most creative and cool looking picture of your built city

3. Reply to the tweet of any of our YouTube stars with the picture of your city and their hashtag

  • Oompaville - #Anno1800Oompa
  • MattShea - #Anno1800MattShea
  • BunnyFuFuu - #Anno1800Bunny
  • Professor Akali - #Anno1800Professor
  • BaronVonGames - #Anno1800Baron
  • Ohmwrecker - #Anno1800Ohm
  • LevelCapGaming - #Anno1800LevelCap
  • PhlyDaily - #Anno1800Phly

4. City pictures must be shared before Saturday, July 13, to be eligible

Each YouTuber will pick their favorite city, and that fan will be their teammate for the Battle of Ages.

Together you will battle against your opponent for ultimate glory and a $1,000 cash prize. If you win, you’ll also take home a canvas of your in-game city entry.

Best of luck, and we can’t wait to see all your amazing cities you’ve been creating in Anno 1800!