June 12, 2023

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XDefiant- UbiForward & What’s Next

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Ubisoft Forward! You can find the entire video on YouTube or read below for a recap of the information including the Open Session, Launch, and Year 1 Roadmap.  

What's Next - XDefiant Open Session 

Our Ubisoft Forward event is filled with announcements for XDefiant. The first is that there will be a playable session very soon!

The Open Session will be three days for PC, Xbox Series X | S, and PS5 and will be available worldwide.

Open Session Timings 

  • Open Session starts at 10 AM PT/7PM CEST on Wednesday, June 21st.

  • Open Sessions ends on 11 PM PT Friday, June 23rd / 8AM CEST Saturday, June 24th.

Launch of XDefiant

We are planning to launch XDefiant later this summer after our Open Session! After the test, we will be able to share a final launch date. For an early preview, here is what you can expect from our first phase- Preseason.

The Preseason will be 6 weeks long and feature the factions and maps you have come to love during Insider Sessions and Closed Beta.

[XD] Ubi Forward Blog FWD asset 1

Year 1 Roadmap

After our Preseason, XDefiant will have a seasonal cadence. Every 3 months, the community can expect new weapons, maps, events, and a new faction.  

In total Year 1 will include an additional:

  • 4 Factions

  • 12 Weapons

  • 12 Maps

We are excited to continue to push new and fresh content every season to the players based on the iconic worlds of Ubisoft.

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We're excited to continue sharing updates and news throughout the year so please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and in our Discord!