A professional grade guitar and bass tuner

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Intuitive and easy-to-use

Free Professional Grade Guitar Tuning

With any guitar or bass, the Rocksmith Tuner features an accurate, responsive guitar tuner that you can trust. Get real-time feedback and note detection for effective, personalized learning. The app is free with no ads and no strings attached.

Key Guitar Tuning Features

Precise Chromatic Tuner

Accurately dial in your guitar and bass to exact tunings with a resolution of 0.1 cents. You can also tune across a wide range of pitches and the entire frequency spectrum, giving you all the expert tools to sound like a professional player.

Over 30 Easy Tuning Presets

Rocksmith Tuner offers an easy-to-read, string-by-string guided guitar tuner so that you can tune with confidence. With over 30 tuning presets, anyone can quickly tune their guitar and jump right into learning their favorite songs.

Use Any Guitar or Bass

Whether you're tuning an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, Rocksmith Tuner uses your phone as a microphone to listen and provide feedback. Tune from anywhere with no extra gear needed, just use your instrument and mobile device to get started.

Real Feedback, Real Results

“After using the app for a couple of days (and that’s quite a bit since I’m a guitar teacher). I’m very surprised to say this tuner is GREAT! Not just great though, it has fully replaced all other tuner apps for me." - Reddit User

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Connect To Rocksmith+

Learn guitar anytime, anywhere on iOS by downloading the Rocksmith+ app. With the free Rocksmith+ Connect app you can connect to your PC, using your mobile device as a microphone and sync to your PC. Enjoy learning guitar with real-time feedback, customizable pace, and an expanding library with thousands of songs.

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