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Lessons by Experienced Teachers

With a growing library of lessons you will always have fresh content at your fingertips to continue on your guitar learning journey.

Interactive Video Lessons

Rocksmith+ combines instructional videos with interactive exercises to get you started quickly and hone your skills. Receive step-by-step instructions and real-time feedback to quickly master tricky chords and guitar riffs.

Beginner to Advanced Lessons

Whether you're practicing fundamental techniques or learning to play certain styles of music, Rocksmith+ provides guitar lessons for all skill levels and playing styles, all curated to help your music learning journey.

Use Any Acoustic Or Electric Guitar

Connect with the free Rocksmith+ Connect app and pair it with your PC. You can also connect to Rocksmith+ with the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable, sold separately.

Learn Guitar Quickly

Master Guitar Skills And Techniques

Rocksmith+ offers a diverse range of basic, lead, and rhythm guitar lessons so that you can discover new ways to play your favorite songs. Pickup an acoustic or electric guitar and get started today!

Become a Guitar Pro

Learn Chord Shapes And Transitions

With unlimited access to guitar learning, beginners can learn the basic chords they need to start playing from Open Chords to Power Chords and beyond. Advanced players can expand their repertoire with our style lessons that teach the chords and techniques that will let them play the signature sounds of music genres like the Blues, Classic Rock, Metal, and more!

Interactive Music Learning

Practice Tools You Control

Rocksmith+’s proven learning method has helped over 5 million people learn how to play guitar* with a powerful suite of tools to control your learning. Tools like Riff Repeater and Dynamic Difficulty allow you to playback and control pace for challenging song sections.

Get unlimited access to guitar learning today!

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