27 March 2023

Trick Battle New Rules

Starting with Season 6, Tricks Battle gets a new set of rules!

We'll share the rules first, then provide more information about this change.


  • Capturing a district now doesn't give a multiplicator anymore.
  • Once a district is captured, it is locked, and points cannot be scored there anymore.
  • A district is locked for 30 seconds.
  • Capturing a district gives a set of bonus points.
    • Abyss:
      • Volcano = 650k
      • Snake = 350k
      • Shark = 750k
      • Octopus = 750k
      • Crab = 1000k
    • Hightower:
      • STAG = 750K
      • EAGLE = 500K
      • LION = 500K
  • If a team captures three districts at once, this team wins the match instantly.
  • If the match hasn't ended earlier due to the previous rule, the team with the highest score wins.
  • Scores are earned on Yellow and Red elements only.

The rules will also now be displayed on the screen when starting a match, and we added a lot of new elements to the interface to support this change.

More information about this change:

Why capturing a district now give a flat number of points instead of a score multiplicator?

We could see the meta was based around capturing only one district, as each of the districts was giving the same bonus. Why fighting on getting the harder districts when a simple one was giving the same result, right?

We took this in account, each district gives a different number of points. Depending on multiple elements, such as the number of modules or how easy it is to capture it.

We'll be monitoring the sessions and adjusting the points given by each district if needed.

Why can't I score on a captured district anymore?

As discussed above, most of the Tricks Battle were disputed around one district per arena.

With this change, you'll need to roam around the arena, as staying in a captured district won't support your team for the time it is locked. Instead, help your team capture other districts and even dominate the opponent team by capturing three districts at once and win the game directly!

Why is it impossible to score on my team's modules?

First, to insist on this change of rhythm in the Tricks Battle where you now need to move around the map.

But it also makes it easier for new players. As you need to focus only on red and yellow modules.

Why does a match end when a team captures three modules at the same time, aka the Mercy Rule?

Being stomped for minutes isn't fun. If teams are unbalanced, this rule allows them to quickly end the game.

This also creates new exciting moments where everyone battles for the last element of a district.

Similar to the number of points each district gives, this is a rule that can be tweaked, by changing the number of needed districts.

These new rules will start with the new season of Riders Republic, starting the March 29th, 2023.

We can't wait to see you try them, and of course, we count on you for your honest feedback about them!


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