Y4S4 Shifting Tides Patch Notes Addendum

Over the course of the Shifting Tides test server we've made a great many updates, changes and fixes to prepare for the upcoming season.

[2019-11-11]Y4S4 Patchnotes bugfix 2

Click here or the image above for the full Y4S4 Shifting Tides Patch Notes.


  • Due to an issue we discovered, the previously announced Playlist Guides will not be released with Y4S4 and will instead be delayed for an update in the near future.


  • Players attempting to –view- the INTZ 2019 Weapon skin through the “View Bundle Content” menu will experience a crash. The bundle can still be purchased and equipped in-game without complications, only attempting to view it will cause issues. A fix is currently in progress.


See our pre-season Designer’s Notes for a full breakdown of the balancing changes coming with Operation Shifting Tides.



  • FIXED – Freezing for 30s or more after loading screen.

  • FIXED – FPS drops when drones are on top of ceiling fans.

  • FIXED – Gadgets with an AOE VFX displays the feedback VFX again when the object supporting the gadget is removed or destroyed.

  • FIXED – Deployable shields and Goyo’s Volcan can be destroyed when one player vaults over it while it is being placed.

  • FIXED – Crashing when an electrified deployable shield is picked up.

  • FIXED – Deployable shields can be picked up and deployed again after they are destroyed by certain gadgets.

  • FIXED – Deployable shields can’t be attached to two separate doors frames if they are close in proximity and share the same corner/wall.

  • FIXED – Two deployable shields can deployed next to each other within a double door frame.

  • FIXED – Reinforcing a wall after attaching a deployable shield to a nearby door will destroy the shield.

  • FIXED – Various destruction issues with map assets and varying projectiles (See: Gadget trajectory asset destruction Improvements).

  • FIXED – If an attacker escorts Hostage through a damaging trap/explosive (ie: Kapkan EDD) and hostage bleeds out, the defending team is given the loss (Attackers should be the ones attributed with the loss).

  • FIXED – When rappelling upside down, claymores are not visible.

  • FIXED – Crashing in PvE when firing Maestro's Evil Eye.

  • FIXED – DBNO players appear to float when moving down staircases from 3rd person POV.

  • FIXED – Dab-dancing with throwable gadgets.

  • FIXED – The drone SFX may continue to play after a drone has been destroyed.

  • FIXED – Reverse Friendly Fire playlist option does not work on Local Custom Games.



  • FIXED – Caveira’s arms get twisted while reloading in silent step.


  • FIXED – Capitao’s Fire bolts have no effect if Wamai’s Mag-Net is destroyed as it catches it.
  • FIXED – Capitao’s firebolt dart remains visible for the duration of the AOE on local custom games.


  • FIXED – Clash CCE shield not impacted by Thatcher’s EMP.
  • FIXED – Clash’s CCE shield flips upside down when facing any wall or tall prop.
  • FIXED – Clash’s shield flips upside down when holding barbed wire while crouched.


  • FIXED – Doc’s Stim Pistol does not always continue its trajectory after destroying a fragile asset.


  • FIXED – White effect around Echo’s Yokai.
  • FIXED – Echo’s Yokai loses signal on the North-side ceiling of Tower.
  • FIXED – Yokai can be hidden inside the ceiling above a vase in 2F Hallway of Coastline.
  • FIXED – Echo’s Yokai will go out of bounds and can get stuck behind the cabinet in 2F Consul Office of Consulate.


  • FIXED – Multiple Fuze Cluster Charges can be stacked by following certain steps.

  • FIXED - Fuze could deploy his APM6- Matryoshka on the wooden layer of reinforced walls.


  • FIXED – Incorrect prompt when attempting to attach Goyo’s Volcan to a door using standard gadget deployment.


  • FIXED – Inconsistent point system for deploying Gridlock Trax stingers (players given 15 points twice for the first, 15 points once with the second one, and none when using the third one).


  • FIXED – Jackal has breaching charges instead of his Claymore.
  • FIXED – Jackal’s Eyenox will not activate properly and he loses a gadget charge when attempting to track Caveira while she is in Silent Step mode.
  • FIXED – If Jackal’s Eyenox is activated and an attacker joins in progress on support mode, the Eyenox HUD is not visible.
  • FIXED – If Jackal has his Eyenox active with a Mute jammer nearby, a teammate spectating on support mode won’t see the jammed VFX.
  • FIXED – Jackal’s Jammed Eyenox VFX when Mute is around does not appear when a player JIP into Jackal’s POV.
  • FIXED – Jackal’s tracking debuff icon does not update properly and stays on the HUD even when scan is completed.
  • FIXED – Players killed by Jackal do not see their own footsteps on EOR replays.
  • FIXED – When Jackal kills an operator with active red footprints, an incorrect time will appear on Killcams and EOR replay.


  • FIXED – Kali’s Lv-Ei’s SFX can sometimes sound muffled.
  • FIXED – Kali’s Lv-Ei’s second explosion SFX can be muffled for defenders if it lands on the soft layer of a reinforced surface.
  • FIXED – Kali’s Lv-Ei does not destroy defenders gadgets through a reinforced wall if she deploys it on the edge of the wooden studs of the reinforced wall.
  • FIXED – Control for toggling Kali’s zoom is stuck on default.
  • FIXED – Kali’s Lv-Ei sticks sideways if it lands on a spike on a reinforced wall
  • FIXED – The inside of Kali’s CSRX300 scope fades out too quickly when switching between ADS + hipfire.
  • FIXED – Kali’s Lv-Ei hammerdrill clips through underbarrel launcher when reloading.
  • FIXED – The wrong animation is used when switching from Kali’s primary and back during reload.
  • FIXED – When out of ammo, Kali's animation for switching the zoom level on the CSRX300 does not cause the visual switch on the scope to move.


  • FIXED – Attackers get a “Prevent Revive” message if hostage is put into DBNO after taking damage from Kapkan EDD.


  • FIXED – Lesion’s VO can be out of sync with the blood splatter FX if the needle removal animation is canceled.


  • FIXED – Thermite breaching charge does not deal damage at 1m radius from the blast.


  • FIXED – Crosshair of Twitch’s Shock Drone disappears when minimizing the game.


  • FIXED – Maestro loses functionality if he is on his Evil Eye and simultaneously enters DBNO and has his Evil Eye destroyed at the same time.


  • FIXED – Mute Jammer SFX loops when spectating drone after a JIP.


  • FIXED – Nokk’s left hand snaps and clips through her gun when deactivating the HEL Presence Reduction.


  • FIXED – Wamai’s fingers clip inside the gadget from 1st person POV.
  • FIXED – Wamai’s Mag-Net will detect and activate for an unactivated Ash Breaching Round if it was fired at a Montagne Shield or Clash Shield.


  • FIXED – Players are not flashed when a Candela is fully cooked and thrown for a short distance.

  • FIXED – Ying’s Candela grenade doesn’t flash, only the pellets flash (previously only the Candela pellets flashed players, now the grenade will flash as well).

  • FIXED – Ying Candela and pellets do not materialize properly in 1st person POV if they are thrown fully charged while aiming downwards.

  • FIXED – Ying’s Candela’s eject SFX does not play when in a local custom game.


  • FIXED – Trajectory of Zofia’s Concussion projectiles are interrupted after destroying an asset.
  • FIXED – As Zofia, switching to concussion grenades from impacts causes both red and yellow LEDs to stay on.


  • FIXED – Various collision issues with map assets.
  • FIXED – Various dynamic clipping and clipping issues.
  • FIXED – Various drone clipping, OOB, and detection issues.
  • FIXED – Various minor destruction issues with map assets/props.
  • FIXED – Minor visual texture  and cosmetic issues.
  • FIXED – Updates to certain map assets for improved navigation.
  • FIXED – Various LOD issues.
  • FIXED – Indestructible fruit bowls and coffee cups (+ other minor destruction issues).
  • FIXED – Operator hitboxes clipping when forcing dynamic clipping through metal desks on various maps.


  • FIXED – Dynamic clipping issue with a wall in B vault of Bank.
  • FIXED – Players can get on top of the TV in 2F Conference Room in Bank.
  • FIXED – Throwable gadgets can pass through the cubicle in 1F Tellers’ Office on Bank.
  • FIXED – Yokai Clipping through stone door frame on Bank.


  • FIXED – Misc vault prompt for a tree at EXT Front Yard Patio on Chalet.


  • FIXED – Players can vault onto the fence of EXT Parking on Clubhouse.
  • FIXED – Particles from destroyable objects clip through the floor of Clubhouse.


  • FIXED – LOD issue on the door frame of B Exit Stairs of Consulate.
  • FIXED – LOD issue with car plate on Consulate.
  • FIXED – Breach and cluster charges can be deployed on an indestructible floor surface in 1F Visa Office of Consulate.


  • FIXED – LOD issue with garbage bag from EXT Rooftops of Favela.
  • FIXED – Drones can be thrown OOB in EXT Market Roof of Favela.
  • FIXED – Shields lip through the wall of EXT Roof on Favela.
  • FIXED – Players can’t pick up the defuser if dropped in certain areas on Favela.
  • FIXED – Defenders can vault out of the window in 2F Aunt’s Bedroom on Favela and will fall to their death.
  • FIXED – Players who stand on top of the fruit in EXT Market will have a missing compass location.


  • FIXED – Operator hitboxes and models dynamic clipping issues with metal desks of Fortress.
  • FIXED – Players cannot go up the scaffolding when exiting rappel on 2F Tower Renovation of Fortress.


  • FIXED – Operators clip through crates on Hereford.


  • FIXED – Valkyrie cam can see through a solid object on 2F workshop of House.


  • FIXED – Players can discover the bomb from EXT Terrace on Kafe.


  • FIXED – Various navigation, vision, and collision improvements for Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Players can vault on the vending machine in EXT Village of Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Sticky gadgets clip through banners of 1F Throne Room of Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Attackers can’t secure the area in the NE corner of OBJ in 1F Throne Room of Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Some LOS issues on Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Drones can hide inside the wall banner of Space Race Arcade on Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Players can reach an out of bounds area at 1F Dragon Stairs on Theme Park.
  • FIXED – LOD issue on wall in EXT Castle Entrance of Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Wall in 2F Dragon Stairs of Theme Park disappears when in ADS.
  • FIXED – Dark spots where Operators can place hard to see Valk Cams on Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Floor level is inconsistent in the door of EXT Castle Entrance on Theme Park and will cause the camera to drop.
  • FIXED – Players can get stuck using a vault prompt at EXT Teacups on Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Operators look like they are falling when on top of the sinks in 1F Toilet Arcade of Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Blood of operators who have been DBNOed don’t show up on 2F Office floor of Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Players can spawn too close to the asset in 1F Day Care of Theme Park and will twitch.
  • FIXED – Players can reach an out of area zone at 1F Dragon Stairs on Theme Park.
  • FIXED – LOD issue with metal boxes in 2F Yellow Corridor on Theme Park.


  • FIXED – Some sticky gadgets don’t deploy properly when thrown on the floor of 1F Tea Room of Tower.
  • FIXED – Sticky throwable gadgets can’t be destroyed or picked back up when thrown on the Box Tea asset in 2F CEO’s Office of Tower.
  • FIXED – Dynamic clipping issue on a wall of 1F Wes Balcony of Tower.
  • FIXED – A golden Bottle prop in 2F CEO’s office of Tower can will block player view after being destroyed but will not have any collision.


  • FIXED – LOD issue with electric box in EXT Motel Walkway of Outback.


  • FIXED – Rubber banding issues due to destruction in 2F Trophy Room in Villa.


  • FIXED – Spamming inputs can cause players to lose functionality.

  • FIXED – Missing SFX when in observation mode.

  • FIXED – SFX for barbed wire deployment cuts off.

  • FIXED – Certain resolutions can cause the UI to flicker after changing display mode from full screen to windowed mode.

  • FIXED – 1680x1050 resolution is missing on PC.

  • FIXED – After a lonewolf Thunt Match, players sometimes get a synchronizing data error message.

  • FIXED – In a LAN lobby, hitting the matchmaking button before the player hub loads can break lobby functionality.

  • FIXED – Situations are sometimes locked when offline.

  • FIXED – Choppy transition from 3rd person POV when attackers reload their primary while rappelling and looking to the right.

  • FIXED – Operators are not looking at their phone from 3rd person POV when they are in observation mode.

  • FIXED – Operators phones clipping with the ground when prone and in observation mode.

  • FIXED – Operators holding a breaching charge and crouching do not have their right hand on the charge from 3rd person POV.

  • FIXED – Issue with idle animation while crouched and in observation mode.

  • FIXED – Operators with throwable gadgets hands’ snap when holding gadget and in free rappel.

  • FIXED – Jittery/choppy animations from 3rd person POV while operators are moving.

  • FIXED – Various shop HUD VFX and cosmetic issues.

  • FIXED – Minor cosmetic uniform and headgear fixes.

  • FIXED – Minor HUD fixes.

  • FIXED – Caster’s can see OOW on various masps.

  • FIXED – Minor EOR replay visual fixes.

  • FIXED – If a player is in ADS when the round ends, they’ll see a slightly zoomed out effect in the EOR replay.

  • FIXED – Players can see the safety ring still on the grenade in EOR replays.

  • FIXED – Leave squad confirmation popup appears twice when trying to leave the squad while matchmaking via the Dynamic Play Button.

  • FIXED – If a bulletproof camera is damaged and visible damage decals are left on it - if a player picks up the damaged bulletproof cam while another teammate is holding their bulletproof camera, the bullet decals will appear on both bulletproof cams.

  • FIXED – Attackers can’t move in spawn during the droning phase after spamming ESC during loading.

  • FIXED – Weapons float in 1st person POV while transitioning from ADS to counter defusing animation.

  • FIXED – Under poor network conditions, players camera orientation can be misaligned when entering/exiting rappel or picking up the hostage.

  • While prone, the thumb of the operator's right hand is snapping when entering ADS with a pistol equipped.

  • FIXED – [Thunt] AI spawning in walls on Theme Park.

  • Dynamic Clipping – When Operator body parts pass through meshes of other objects.
  • LOD – Level of Detail. Object resolution and complexity is determined by your distance from that object.
  • LOS – Line of sight. A line of sight from one place to another.
  • OOW - Out of World.
  • OOB - Out of Bounds.

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