Bandit “Axle 13”: Scars

Transcript dated 12/7. Edited for clarity.

Harry: How are your nightmares progressing?

Dominic: I don’t have nightmares. I never did. My dreams are more like overactive situational awareness.

Harry: Can you elaborate?

Dominic: In my dreams, I can remember every detail of every room, who was there and what they talked about. Always, I know I have to maintain control of the situation or risk… erasure.

Harry: That sounds like a nightmare to me.

Dominic: Then I recommend yoga, Doctor. I’ve been told that it helps.

*Transcript ends.

“You want it to look real? I’ve got some bad news for you.”

“Intel is your primary method of engagement. Neglect it at your peril.”
“Standing out or fitting in, you must always be in control.”

“Remember where you are. You get comfortable, you’re a dead man.”
“On the job, you don’t lead. You follow. And you pray. Belief has nothing to do with it.”

“You’re always being watched. Sometimes it’s just more obvious.”
“We have a word for situations like this. Simply, ‘weltschmerz’.”

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