Smoke 'Sanguine Arsenic': Advice from a Chemist

“Save you once, shame on me. Save you twice? Well. You’re family now, and we don’t keep count.”

They said I’d never make anything of myself. They said that if I couldn’t be taught, I’d never learn anything worth knowing. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s all rubbish. You’ve had to sit through years of them filling your heads with what they want you to think, all for a fancy bit of paper. Worth it, was it? I’ll tell you what. You get out there, you never hold back, and someday some professor who doesn’t remember tossing you out of his class will ask you to come and inspire the next generation. Lucky for all of you, I’ve got a bit of skin in the game as far as young whippersnappers go, so you’d better shape up to be something pretty bloody marvelous.

I’ll be waiting.

- Porter, J., recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

“Anyone who says you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure has never made friends with a chemist.”

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