“I was there when Rainbow began. I’ll be there when it ends.” - DEIMOS

Meet Gerald Morris, aka DEIMOS, hailing from Birmingham Alabama, USA. He is a force to be reckoned with. DEIMOS is an attack Operator who was there when Rainbow began and wishes to see its downfall.

Committed and austere, this Operator runs by the book and is a true soldier at heart. His main mission in life is simple: to create the greatest soldiers the world has ever seen. DEIMOS is making his debut in the new season Operation DEADLY OMEN because a match against him is just that.

DEIMOS is a tracking Operator who uses his DeathMARK, to reveal his opponents' locations while also revealing his own. The DeathMARK makes both players aware of each other's position until time runs out or one player has met their demise.  DeathMARK and DEIMOS are a match made in heaven or hell depending on where you stand, both unrelenting as they force confrontation. His 44 Vendetta is his only weapon compatible to use concurrently with DeathMARK and is great for when he needs to get the job done.

DeathMARK isn't his only tool of termination, he can take out opponents with his AK-74M or M590A1. With 2 HEALTH and 2 SPEED DEIMOS is for players who love to strategize and want to outsmart their prey. His collection of weapons also makes him a great choice for Front-Line players, with confidence and the gun skills to back it up. If you're playing against DEIMOS, you must rise to the challenge or be eliminated.

A considerable opponent and soldier to his core DEIMOS will force Defenders to play by his rules. If you have what it takes to counter him; TUBARÃO or VIGIL will make for an interesting match. TUBARÃO's ZOTO CANNISTER can deactivate the DeathMARK temporarily; however, in doing so they will limit utility and movement. VIGIL, on the other hand, is better equipped to counter DEIMOS as he can use the ERC-7 to counteract the DeathMARK. No matter who you may choose to go against this aggressive Operator, DEIMOS and his DeathMARK are here to prove that you can run, but you certainly can't hide.

Strike fear into the hearts of Defenders when you play DEIMOS, available on the Test Server starting on February 26, 2024.

"Bring DEIMOS on an operation? No way in hell." -- Captain Jordan "Thermite" Trace, Redhammer Squad Leader.

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