R6Fix 2.0

R6Fix 2.0

With the launch of Y6S4 we are launching an overhaul of R6Fix. It will still be found in the same place, but we have changed more than just the appearance.

R6Fix is key in our efforts to improve the quality of the game we offer to our community. It is integral to our efforts to shorten the time it takes to fix pesky issues and ask the community for help with issues we need to reproduce.

If you're taking the time to contribute (thank you!), we want to make sure it respects your time and is as easy as possible to use. With that in mind...

What Is New In R6Fix 2.0

With a new platform comes a whole suite of improvements and quality of life changes -- both for you and for us to better help you.


The Rainbow Six Siege team will be directly communicating with you on the platform itself, which is a big change from the previous version. Whether it's a tricky issue where we ask you directly for more information, or an issue that's freshly resolved, we want to make sure your actions on R6Fix have direct feedback.

UI Overhaul

A brand-new look and navigation. Everything has been restructured to get you to the issue you want to create or contribute to as easily as possible.

Promoted Issues

If there is an especially difficult-to-fix issue, we are now able to give those issues higher visibility. This helps guide you to issues where you can make an immediate impact by contributing and sharing reproductions to help us solve these issues.

Search Function

The search function is at the heart of this new platform, allowing you to browse existing issues and find out if one of your fellow operators has experienced something similar. It now includes all common search operators (e.g., "Tachanka", "Tachanka"+Launcher* and many more).

Why Do We Ask You For Help?

Development and QA testing is a significant part of all our processes, but even then, we are not able to prepare for every imaginable setup or scenario, and often the reproductions we receive from R6Fix are key to fixing difficult and nagging bugs.

We also understand that there is a need for incentives to give back to those who take an active role in making Siege a better place. As mentioned, we are looking into plans to provide an in-game incentive soon.

We hope you spend some time to get acquainted with the new platform and encourage you to share your R6Fix link when discussing issues in the future -- it's the easiest way to give others in the conversation the chance to contribute!

We are dedicated to not just innovating upon, but also to improving the existing foundation of our game and believe this will help us make a better game.

You can find the new platform at https://r6fix.ubi.com/ and an explanation on how to use it at https://rainbow6.com/r6fix_faq.

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