Ela 'Huk Sztuki': Identity

“Turn on your phones. Disengage your brains. Live in the moment. Consume.”

Excerpt from a print interview, 09-09.

Reporter: What does identity mean to you?

Bosak: All identity is performative. The complication lies in the fact that, as much as you construct your image by what you say, how you dress, and which brands you buy, you’re never truly in control. You’re always subject to a status quo, a set of expectations about how someone who looks like you must act.

Reporter: Surely those expectations don’t carry over when we’re talking about art.

Bosak: Art transcends society only when nothing is known about the artist. I don’t want to transcend society. I want to record it.

Reporter: I see. So what do you say to people who claim your work is shallow and narcissistic?

Bosak: I say that if you can’t see yourself in someone else’s reflection you’re not trying hard enough.

Reporter: But, by doing so, aren’t you simply behaving in the way that society expects?

Bosak: (laughs) Aren’t you?

“We define ourselves by symbols, but those symbols can be perverted. Reused. Reworked, reframed, remade. In a word, stolen. Who are you then?”

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