August 11 2020


Unlock 12 exclusive tiers of rewards and earn a new champion and rare loot as you progress through the Season 1 Battle Pass. Connect your account and redeem access to the Battle Pass tiers at the link below. Don't have Prime Gaming? Either connect with your Amazon Prime or sign up for a free trial today.

Prime Gaming Battle Pass Tiers:

  • Level 1: Takeshi Affiliate Champion
  • Level 5: Dash Of Color Holo-Tag
  • Level 8: Affiliate Riot One Weapon Design
  • Level 11: Affiliate Dragonfly Weapon Design
  • Level 15: Affiliate Mammoth MK I Weapon Design
  • Level 19: Shhhhhh Emote
  • Level 25: Affiliate Protocol V Weapon Design
  • Level 29: Affiliate Komodo Weapon Design
  • Level 33: Affiliate Harpy Weaon Design
  • Level 39: Affiliate Hexfire Weapon Design
  • Level 45: Affiliate Skybreaker Weapon Design
  • Level 49: Affiliate Salvo EPL Weapon Design

Want to continue earning XP towards your battle pass when you're not playing? Link your accounts and tune in to any Twitch streamer with the Hyper Scape extension live and keep progressing your Battle Pass.

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