October 7 2020

Hyper Scape Launches Friend Referral Program

It’s time to conquer the Hyper Scape with your friends! Introducing our new Friend Referral Program, where you can recruit friends to join you in the fast-paced action of Crown Rush. It’s simple: refer your friends, and after they play their first 3 games, you both unlock exclusive cosmetics!

Without further ado, we'd like to give you an idea of the benefits (and rewards!) you get for referring friends, as well as the simple steps for sending them an invite:


Players who refer a friend will be able to connect with them via a unique link or email invite generated here. As their referred friends reach 3 matches played, they will unlock the following exclusive rewards!

[HYPE] FriendReferral benefits

Referred friends also have an exclusive reward to look forward to. Upon completing their first 3 matches, they will unlock the Burns Frying Pan cosmetic!

[HYP] friend reward


Refer Friends

• Go here to invite your friends • Log in with your Ubisoft account • Choose the platform your friend plays on • Choose to send an email invite via Uplay or generate a unique link you can share with them directly

Accept a Referral

• Click “Join Now” in the email invite or link provided by your friend • Install the game • Play at least 3 games to earn your reward!


• Recruiters MUST have played 3 matches before they are able to invite friends • Players can invite as many friends as they want • Friends must have played less than 3 games of Hyper Scape in order to qualify for an invite

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