March 9, 2023

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Warrior’s Den Recap, March 9th 2023

March 16th marks the start of For Honor’s 7th year and the launch of Y7S1: Heresy

In this Warrior’s Den recap article, we’ll quickly go over some of the Year 7 details covered in the live stream and the Y7S1 Heresy’s TU1 Update.

For a detailed discussion on Year 7: Swords of Injustice, and Y7S1: Heresy, be sure to check out the Warrior’s Den VOD to see what is to come. In the show, we went into detail on the patch notes and Y7S1 Testing Grounds. For a detailed blog post on the Testing Grounds topics for Y7S1, keep an eye out for an upcoming Testing Grounds dedicated blog post as we near the opening of the Testing Grounds for the season.

For Honor Year 7: Swords of Injustice

After a year of revelations about the past (and future) of Heathmoor comes a veil of darkness. Ancient relics were uncovered, magical myths revealed. Now, knowledge has been weaponized. Faith has been turned into a sharp blade, and the Order of Horkos firmly grasps the handle. The Year of Injustice begins as the wretched, the vile and the nefarious launch a reign of torment. This is the year where evil wins, where the boot of Horkos stomps the lands. Heroes cower in fear and uncertainty as the shadow grows. Who will be left to balance the scales?

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In Year 7: Swords of injustice, each season will explore a different injustice taking place in Heathmoor. Players can expect 2 New Heroes, 4 Hero Skins, Battle Passes, Free Event Passes, a Halloween event and other calendar events, Throwback events, Thesting Grounds, Hero Fests, and more to be revealed as Y7 is rolled out.

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For Year 7, players can expect 3 Hero Fests each TU starting with Y7S1 TU1. Additionally, the Hero featured in the Hero Fest will enjoy double XP and will be free to play during the duration of the fest. For armor variations, this year we’ll have each faction receiving 2 armor variations for their heroes, coming in TU2 each season. Here is the plan:

  • Y7S1: Knight and Samurai Armor Variations

  • Y7S2: Viking, Wu Lin, and Outlanders Armor Variations

  • Y7S3: Knight and Samurai Armor Variations

  • Y7S4: Viking, Wu Lin, and Outlanders Armor Variations

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Y7S1 Heresy

The relics were supposed to unite Heathmoor. Instead, madmen began to rave about their legends as divine revelation. Soon every place of worship came to be occupied by the fanatical Servants of the Stake. Whispers spread of the dark deeds committed in the name of their twisted faith. In answer, the Relic Inquisition was formed. Their mission: purge all heresy.

Yinchen joined the Inquisition with a righteous heart. A Pirate, she had seen firsthand how civilizations fall to false idols. Executing Fanatics was the price for peace. But the Inquisition was not content to merely pluck weeds – and Yinchen found herself party to mass butcherings worse than anything the Servants had done.

Now Inquisitor Yinchen cries mutiny. To end the war of faith, she must fight not one army, but two.

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In For Honor’s Y7S1 Heresy, our TU1 offer includes the Heresy of the Relics launch event along a free event pass, an all-new Battle Pass, the Pirate Hero Skin Inquisitor Yinchen, Testing Grounds, 3 Hero Fests.

In TU2, players can expect a Throwback event, new armor variations, a returning playlist, the Covenant Games: Heralds of Chimera recurring event for one last time, and 3 more Hero Fests.

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Launch Event: Heresy of the Relics

The war of faith will be decided at Relic Keep. The Inquisition now marches on the castle, where the Fanatics have gathered three relics and prepare to make their last stand. Each side vies for control of the artifacts in the age-old battle of dominion. But Inquisitor Yinchen is a rogue element neither expected – and she will strike at both armies in her bid for the relics.

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From March 16 to April 6, participate in For Honor’s Y7S1 launch event “Heresy of the Relics” which will feature a unique game mode. In this PvPvE game mode, capture zones to secure buffs and defeat the enemy team all while fending off Inquisitor Yinchen. For the duration of the event only, a free event pass which includes a Mood Effect, Battle Outfit, an Ornament, and weapons will also be available.

Pirate Hero Skin Inquisitor Yinchen

The Pirate Yinchen was among the first to set foot in Heathmoor when Boy Yin’s fleet docked on its frozen shores. She was quickly intrigued by the people of this foreign land, and their idea of fidelity. This was, after all, a land divided by fealties and alliances, where identity, class and belief mattered above all. While the people were constantly at war, she noticed a strange balance to this world. An understanding that allowed the Pirates to thrive.

But all of that changed when the Chalice of Immortality was first unearthed. A shift began to take place. The people began to look to idols of the past for answers – for guidance. And as more and more relics were found, Yinchen saw this stability begin to crumble. And out of the broken pieces came the Servants of the Stake. Violent fanatics hellbent on spreading their bloody beliefs. She saw firsthand their horrific practices, and the suffering they left in their wake. Yinchen was never one to take sides, or to believe in the rule of Horkos. But hoping to stop the Servants, she joined the Inquisition. On their side, she could protect the people. Only, she was misled. For in the eyes of the Inquisition, all were guilty.

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Battle Pass

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The Servants of the Stake have formed a dark cult based on the four lost relics. With these great powers in their grasp, they believe great change will come to Heathmoor. The Servants are willing to recruit any who worship the altars of these relics. To aid them in their sacred quest, they have forged new weapons for all of their followers, no matter what faction they might have once sworn allegiance to. All are one under the Stake. With these weapons, any non-believer shall fall. Without pity. Without forgiveness.

This season, take your hero through gothic gloom and unlock 100 Tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available during For Honor Y7S1: Heresy only.

Patch Notes and Testing Grounds

In this Warrior's Den, we presented you some of the changes that are going live at the launch of Y7S1. Here you can find the link to the patch notes which contains all the information about what will be live on March 16th:

From April 6th to the 13th, the gates to our Testing Grounds are open. This time around, we're testing changes to Lawbringer and Nuxia's Traps. The Testing Grounds is meant to test changes to heroes and other fight mechanics before they make it into the live game. These changes aren't guaranteed to make it into the live game. To help us determine what makes into into the live game, we need your feedback. When it is time, be sure to participate and send us your feedback!

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If you want to learn more about the changes being tested in Testing Grounds, please check out the Warrior’s Den VOD. Alternatively, we will be posting another article with details on these changes as we get closer to the Testing Grounds on April 6th.

We'll see you again at the next Warrior's Den Recap article, or on the battlefield!

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