June 8, 2023

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New Onboarding Process FAQ

At the launch of For Honor Year 7 Season 2: Vengeance on June 15th, there will be an update to our tutorials in-game to ensure a smoother, simpler entry to current and new players, and provide a safe bridge to multiplayer.

What tutorials are affected and how, and why?
The Apprentice and Warrior Trials have been revamped in various ways to improve player experiences and reduce player frustration. They are now combined into one tab called Tutorial.

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What is new with the tutorials?
All tutorials have been drastically shortened and are all unlocked from the start, which will allow players to have the freedom to choose their learning path and explore the game at their own pace.

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A PvAI Dominion Match has been added in the tutorial for players to learn before joining multiplayer. There is a quick "How To Play" Dominion page at the start of this match.

Multiple tutorials, such as Stamina, (along with scoring and secondary/optional objectives) have been removed to avoid redundancy, and to focus on the core mechanics of the game.

Do I need to play the Trials again if I completed them before?
If you completed both the Apprentice Trials and Warrior Trials before, they will be marked as completed. Anything you did not complete in either Trials will be marked as incomplete.

If I am a new player, is it mandatory that I play the tutorials or is there a way I can opt out?
You will have the option to opt out of tutorials when you join, however we encourage you to complete the tutorials.

Are rewards affected by the new onboarding flow?
Yes- previously, rewards would be given once you completed specific trials. Now, all rewards will be given once all trials in the new tutorial are completed.

Any rewards previously earned will not be available to regain again. For example, if you completed Apprentice Trials but not Warrior Trials previously, you will able to earn the remaining rewards from the Warrior Trials once you completed all trials in the new tutorial. This means, you will earn a max up to 1500 steel, along with the symbol, ornament, and emblems. You gain the 3500 steel if you have not completed any trials previously.

For a full discussion on the New Onboarding Flow, be sure to check the Y7S2 Warrior's Den Season Reveal VOD and our Y7S2 TU1 Patch Notes.

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