July 27, 2023

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For Honor’s new Reactivation Program starts today, July 27th until September 14th, 2023!

The new Reactivation Program gives you the possibility to invite friends who have not played For Honor in recent times. You and your returning friend will be reunited on the For Honor battlefield and will earn rewards by doing so!!

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Everything from XP boosts, scavenger crates, an Exclusive Elite Outfit, Effect, days of Champion Status and Steel; the Reactivation Program has got it all and begins July 27th, 2023 and runs until September 14th, 2023 For Honor players from all platforms are eligible for this program.

To be an eligible referrer you must have played the game after Y6S2 TU2 (July 28th, 2022) and before Y7S2 TU2 (July 27th, 2023).

To be eligible as an Invitee, you must have played For Honor before Y6S2 TU2 but have not played For Honor after the lunch of Y6S2 TU2 (July 28th, 2022). An invitee can also become a referrer. New players cannot participate in the Reactivation Program.For more information and to start receiving rewards for your referrals, please visit: https://forhonorgame.com/referral

See you on the battlefield!

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