November 9, 2020

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Which path is right for you?

The fractured land of ninth-century England is ripe for the taking but sometimes the path is unclear. To fully discover and conquer, Eivor will need to grow as a warrior and leader by using and unlocking skills. The Skill Tree in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla allows you to unlock and equip skills to improve your stats, increase your power level and add over thirty fighting moves to your arsenal! If you decide to change your focus or want to experiment with different skills, they can be reset at any time with the press of a button – no in-game currency required. The Skill Tree is severed into three distinct paths to synchronize with your playstyle; Wolf, Bear and Raven. Explore your course of action below!

[ACVH] SkillTree 16X9


Indicated by blue nodes in the Skill Tree, the Wolf branch influences wolf-aligned gear. Powerful abilities unlocked further down the branch increase range advantage over enemies. Arrow Reinforcement, Charged Shot and Battleground Bolt are just a few of these late powerful skills to target. Equip nodes from the Wolf path to make Eivor’s archery skills go the distance.


The Bear branch of the Skill Tree is characterized by red nodes which imprint a hefty bonus to bear-aligned gear. Hardened by battle, your hand-to-hand fighting improves with your best weapons. Unlock late skills to overwhelm enemies with strength by releasing Terror, Heavy Dual Wield and Sprint Bash. Fortify Eivor using the Bear path to create a grisly, relentless force of nature.

Yellow nodes in the Skill Tree hone into the Raven branch, providing a windfall to raven-aligned gear. Soaring above unseen, stealth is enhanced, and hidden blade focused attacks strike cleanly and with greater precision. Release skills further across the horizon to master assassinations with Chain Assassination, Assassin’s Cantrip and Counter Roll. Use the Raven path to dispatch Eivor’s trajectory towards deadly stealth and assassinations.

Taming Eivor’s skills is an endeavor worth the journey but which path will you choose? Share your playstyles with @assassinscreed using #Wolf, #Bear and #Raven!

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