Just Dance 2019 : Tips & Tricks

Start your Just Dance journey on the right foot!

1- Warm Up!

Playing Just Dance 2019 is a lot of fun but it’s also a proper work out! To make sure you can be on top of your game right from the start, it’s always best to get your body ready for action before dancing. Do a bit of stretching and warm up your arms, legs and neck to make sure you’re ready to set the dancefloor on fire!

2- Follow the pictograms

If you’re looking to perform better in Just Dance, getting familiar with pictograms is a great place to start. Look at the bottom right corner of your screen when dancing, you’ll notice some pictograms passing by in rhythm with the song you are playing. They provide indications on the next move coming to help you execute the choreography as smoothly as possible. Pictograms can be of great help, especially if you have a hard time memorizing all your favorite choreos.

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3- Practice your dancing technique

Practicing is key to improve in Just Dance 2019, as being able to memorize the choreography is a huge plus when looking to hit the Megastar level. Pay special attention to the gold moves to break your record and don’t hesitate to accentuate your moves when dancing. Executing each move from A to Z will significantly improve your final score.

4- Play more and more challenging songs

While the game features great hits for beginners to dance to, there are tons of more challenging songs for you to sharpen your dancing skills with Just Dance 2019! To identify the level of difficulty of a choreography, go to the songs tab and bring the cursor on the song you would like to play. You will notice an indication on the level of difficulty, above the song preview: Easy, Medium, Hard or Extreme! The more difficult the choreo is, the more complex moves you will have to execute and the more challenging your cardio work out will be.

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5- Play songs you don’t know yet

Playing a song you are not familiar with is a great way to improve your Just Dancer skills. It will help you focus on the dance rather than the music and pay attention to the structure of the track to remember the moves from the chorus and verses. You’ll notice there are so many hidden gems in the Just Dance 2019 catalogue; they will soon become your new favorites!

6- Unlock the extreme choreos

Ready for the ultimate challenge? Hit the Superstar score on a selection of songs to unlock their extreme version! These alternate versions allow you to experience a brand new take on some of Just Dance 2019 greatest songs, with a totally different coach and background and of course an extreme choreo to discover. It takes time to master them, but it is so fun and rewarding when you get there!

7- Compete with other Just Dancers

If competing with others motivates you to become an even better Just Dancer, the dancer of the week challenge is just right for you! Pick a song whose choreo you have mastered and try to hit the best score you can. If your perform better than any other Just Dancer playing the game that week, your dancer card will appear in the songs tab, next to the song’s preview, as long has nobody was able to beat your score.

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And if you’re looking for more competitive moments in Just Dance 2019, check out the World Dance Floor for online tournaments and beat-the boss challenges!

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