E3 Community downloads

Hello Far Cry fans!

Now that E3 is alive and kicking, we hope you are enjoying the Far Cry 5 news discovered at the Ubisoft booth and Ubisoft conference. We’ve thought about all our fans and have prepared a couple of exciting community assets:

  1. Comic-Book of Boomer the Dog
    Discover the story of Boomer, your fantastic companion, as part of the Fangs-For-Hire system.
    He's an old dog who's up for new tricks. Initially abandoned because of the chaos caused by Project at Eden's Gate, he’s now looking for a new master and is eager to help you fight the cult.
    Discover the adventures of Boomer the Dog, as drawn by a Far Cry fan artist: the-evil-legacy. She has been a long-time fan, drawing FC4 art of Pagan-Min and the Golden Path characters:
    Download the PDF (15 MB) .
  2. Cosplay Reference Guides
    Grace, Nick, and Boomer are helpful allies in your fight against the Cult. Discover them in more details with our 360 turnarounds. Download the 3 Cosplay Reference Guides here.
  3. Fan Kit
    Grab Far Cry 5 images, wallpapers, and more in the announcement pack. Download it here!

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See you soon!
Your Far Cry Community Team