Non-Lethal Basics in Watch Dogs: Legion

Looking to take back London with some cunning tactics? In Watch Dogs: Legion, you decide how the DedSec Resistance fights back. If you choose to go with a non-lethal approach, there are plenty of options to pick from. From gadgets and special abilities, to paintball guns, takedowns, and even bees, we have you covered. Here's a look at a few of the less-than-lethal ways you can finesse your Resistance.


Your enemies’ penchant for violence matches yours. If you decide to take a non-lethal approach as you face them, they’ll do the same. Fortunately, when it comes to melee combat, some of your operatives have a few tricks up their sleeves and pack quite a punch.


Practice makes perfect. If you want your recruits to brush up on their brawling tactics, look for Bagley’s Bare-Knuckle challenges on the map. Brings your recruits there to participate in fight club style action that will hone your dodges, punches, and kicks. While Granny could hold her own, and any operative can participate, we recommend bringing your toughest recruits into the ring. More Bare-Knuckle events are unlocked as you explore London’s boroughs.

RECRUITS AND ABILITIES Recruits play a huge role in your overall strategy to take back London. There are some unique recruits and abilities to look for when profiling for leads.


Some of London’s most colorful characters possess unique abilities. For example, the hypnotist uses a pocketwatch to turn enemies into temporary allies who will fight against their own (try pairing this with the CT Drone hijack hack to really turn your enemies against each other). Hypnotists are hard to miss and will make a great addition to your DedSec Resistance, should you spot one on the streets of London.


That’s gotta sting! Launching a swarm of bees at your enemies is handy when you need mother nature do some of the work for you. This ability is exclusive to the beekeepers – so don’t pass up a chance to recruit one into your Resistance.


If you prefer brains over brawn, gadgets might be just what your operatives need. Here are a few of the gadgets in Watch Dogs: Legion that will help aide your operatives, without the use of direct force.


The Infiltrator Spiderbot is a favorite for any stealth player. It’s small, discreet, and boasts powerful abilities. Deploying an Infiltrator Spiderbot helps you navigate air ducts, gain access to places your operatives can’t fit, and hack some enemy systems remotely. Tech Point upgrades enhance its speed, jumping distance, and allow for short-term cloaking – all super helpful when you’re navigating complex places like Big Ben.


The Electro-Fist is exactly what you think it is! A melee power-up that can knock your opponent out with a single electrifying blow! Tech Point upgrades will give you an arc of electricity that can take out other nearby enemies and emit a disorienting shockwave. This gadget is great for neutralizing a group of enemies, buying you time to land your attacks.


If you get tired of punching your enemies with the Electro-Fist (hey, it’s possible), try this other gadget that is perfect for an electricity build. The Electro-Shock Trap has an area of effect that works like a sticky mine and shocks surrounding enemies. Upgrade it once with Tech Points to enable an EMP feature that disrupts enemies and drones. Upgrading it a second time will jam weapons, buying you valuable time to plan your next move. Combine the Electro-Fist and Electro-Shock Trap gadgets to double down on zap attacks and move between ranged and close combat with shocking finesse.



DedSec likes to get things done, and sometimes that means setting down the gadgets and engaging in a loud and proud gun fight. If you want to keep things lively, there are four DedSec weapons available to your Resistance operatives. These less-than-lethal weapons bare a resemblance to their lethal counterparts but are painted a bright yellow. Enemies who get caught in their path will go to sleep. Hard.

The LTL 68P DedSec sidearm is the perfect weapon for a close quarters fight. Upgrades includes a bigger magazine to hold more rounds, and a suppressor.

The MP9 DedSec SMG packs that familiar rapid-fire spray that is perfect when facing a large group. Key upgrades for the MP9 are a larger magazine capacity and increased reload speed. It’s quick, compact, and gets the job extra done when you need to clear enough room to break-free of incoming enemies.

Like its lethal counterpart, the LTL SG is a slow firing but powerful short-range weapon. You might have to get close to your enemies to use it but won’t need to hit them too many times to take them down. Larger magazine capacity and reload speed are available in upgrades if you enjoy this short-range playstyle.

The last of the DedSec weapons is a blast. The LTL DedSec Grenade Launcher uses shock rounds that cover a wide Area of Effect. This can bring down drones and clear an area quickly.


Now that you have more than one way to take back London, start building your Resistance! Want more tips and tricks for Watch Dogs Legion? Visit Gameplan to master:


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