4 December 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – December 4


State of the Game this week gave us our first look at the events and timeline for Season 4 – starting on December 8. Season 4 will feature a new Manhunt to take down rogue agent Faye Lau and her lieutenants, a new Global Event, Golden Bullet, as well as two Apparel Events; Outguard and Codename: Nightmare.

Season 4 will also feature a holiday event, beginning on day 1 of the Season. This includes the return of the unique Sleigher named SMG in a new level 40 version, obtained from the Hoarder enemies and the Santa Hat apparel item as a login reward. Plus, a new jolly and festive Hunter mask that you better watch out for!

Season 4 will offer 100 levels of progression filled with various rewards. A Season Pass will also be available for 1000 premium credits and grant additional cosmetic and cache rewards throughout the Season!

Look out for more information about Season 4 on December 8, where we’ll have a full breakdown available.

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Title Update 12 also arrives on December 8. You can find the highlights of those changes in our dedicated article, and the full patch notes from the TU12 PTS can be found on our forums.

A significant feature coming with TU12 is the Optimization Station. Which will allow you to max out each of the attributes on your gear pieces through its own special currencies.

We want the Optimization Station to be a true end-game way to perfect your builds, rather than become the de-facto way to get better gear. With the cost of optimization as it is now, we hope to achieve that balance between the need to farm targeted loot and topping off your nearly god-rolled gear.

Also coming with TU12 is the Global Event shop, new improvements and challenges within The Summit game mode, and numerous bug fixes and new gear to add to your arsenal.

Check out our Discord server to talk and join up with players on every platform as we all get ready for Title Update 12 and Season 4!

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At the end of our trailer during the Ubisoft Forward September virtual conference, we mentioned a limited special event titled “Codename: Nightmare,” a unique gameplay experience that would take place at a repurposed Kenly College.

Due to unforeseen circumstances in what has been a challenging year, we have since changed the event to focus on apparel only, allowing you to collect our most exciting outfits yet, trophies and skins via a unique apparel event. This event – which will be unlike any other apparel event we’ve had – will come at the second half of Season 4, as it is part of Title Update 12.

In addition, coming with Codename: Nightmare, we are happy to confirm that next gen consoles will experience improved frame rates for The Division 2.

Title Update 12.1 is coming in February of 2021.


The Division 2: Warlords of New York; Season 3 – Concealed Agenda ends on December 8 with the maintenance that will usher in Season 4. But there’s still a few more days to ensure you’ve gotten everything you can.

In the final days of Season 3, be sure to finish the Manhunt and track down Schaeffer to get the Shrapnel Trap skill variant. Other rewards like the Season progression exotics and gear set can still be earned as well.

But don’t worry if you can’t get it all. Season 3 gear sets, gear brands, exotics, and other gear will be added to the level 40 loot pool after the season ends. The special Bardon Schaeffer Prime Target mission will also be available through Season 4 progression, so you still have your chance to earn it later.

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Check out our Agent Highlights for the month of November, featuring cosplay, cookies, and other incredible creations from The Division community!

We have a list of Known Issues that we are actively investigating. More information will be provided on these as solutions are found.

Our next State of the Game stream will be in 2021.

Until next time,

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