18 December 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – December 18


We’ve seen a lot of community discussions related to the costs of optimizing your gear through the new Optimization Station feature introduced with Title Update 12, and we wanted to provide you with a quick update from our side.

First of all, we hear you loud and clear! After looking at feedback, usage data and other metrics we have decided that we will decrease the time investment needed to optimize a piece of your build. Concrete details on what these changes will entail and when they will go live will come early next year, as soon as we’ve nailed down the new values and found an appropriate release date.


Season 4 – End of Watch for The Division 2 Warlords of New York is well under way, with Viper unlocking as your target last week. Now, the Viper League has begun with Hard difficulty trials in Space Administration HQ, Jefferson Plaza, and the Pentagon. There are also additional challenges for weak points destroyed, and Black Tusk Elites killed. Be sure to participate in order to claim the special League rewards!

Need a squad to take on these timed trials? Join the Discord server and find other agents to blast through these missions!

TCTD2NEWSSeason4 Viper-League-Rewards-3 960x540


Next week will see the beginning of the new Golden Bullet event. In this event, enemies will be equipped with a Golden Bullet, that will do serious damage to The Division agents. However, these special bullets take time to load, giving you a chance to stop them before they get the upper hand.

Once you see the loading symbol over the enemy, you will have the option to take them out or take cover. Should you defeat the enemy, the Golden Bullet will be transferred to you, giving you a massive damage boost for a short amount of time.

Like previous events, there will be new challenges each day for the first 4 days. Completing these challenges will net you different rewards, caches, and more!


The first of two apparel events for Season 4, Outguard, will also begin next week. You can earn some tacti-cool cosmetics to deck out your agents by gaining SHD levels, or by purchasing them with premium currency. But don’t worry, you get your first apparel cache for free by just logging in!
Don’t forget you can also gift apparel keys to other agents on your friends list, or in your clan. T’is the season of giving after all!


The holiday event is still underway, so make sure you log in to claim your festive apparel! The special Sleigher submachine gun will also be dropped from special NPC’s roaming the world.

TCTD2 S4 Apparel Key Image FINAL 960x540 LOGO


Your next manhunt target, Kestrel, will be unlocked on December 29th, so make sure to prepare! As always, there will be double XP for the new manhunt for the first 15 levels. Shortly after, the Kestrel League will begin on January 5th.


A maintenance occurred on December 15th to resolve some issues that appeared after TU12 dropped. This includes a fix for an issue where the Memento exotic backpack could gain Kill Confirmed talent stacks whenever certain skills exploded, or if an agent destroyed their own skill.

Finally, many of us at the studio will soon go on our annual holiday break to wind down, spend time with family before we come back early next year to bring you more things The Division. As a result, our weekly articles will go on a brief hiatus and will return in January.

From all of us here at the studio, we wish you a great holiday period and hope that you are able to spend quality time with your loved ones in the coming weeks.
That’s it for 2020, see you in 2021!

Happy holidays!

/The Division Team

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