19 March 2020

Dev Blog: Dodge & Passing Updates

"In this Dev Blog article, we’re excited to share some other updates to grace the Roller Champions scene.


The automatic passing has been polished and smoothed out. It still requires proper timing and team coordination to pull off, as you must learn when and where to call and throw.

That being said, sometimes your teammates haven’t asked for the pass. Fret not, we got you covered; aiming the throw at a teammate displays the auto pass prompt, press that prompted button and send the ball towards your teammate.

The manual pass does not require as much team coordination as the automatic pass, but it does require a bit more precision and awareness of the positioning of your teammates and opponents.


After the E3 demo, the team was not satisfied with the performance of the Dodge. You may also remember that the invulnerability was removed not long after E3 as per a certain gif posted on the Roller Chammpions Subreddit (p.s. you should totally join us there, just saying).

We have updated the overall feel of dodging; from speed, to animations, to effects. This should make dodging more satisfying when you perform that perfect dodge and avoid those pesky tackles.

Well, we did say when you perfectly dodge.

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