“Fear is a teacher. There’s always a lesson to be learned.” - Fenrir

Do you feel your hair standing on end? FENRIR, our newest Defender, brings his valuable expertise in Operation DREAD FACTOR. Hailing from Uppsala in Sweden, Fenrir joins the REDHAMMER squad. Being first through the door teaches a valuable lesson in fight or flight.

FENRIR brings the F-NATT DREAD MINE as part of his arsenal. Releasing a fear-inducing gas, FENRIR brings a good area of denial ability when focused on gameplay planning. With 2 HEALTH, 2 SPEED, and the MP7 and SASG-12 as primary weapon choices, FENRIR leaves his opponents feeling like deer caught in headlights. With BARBED WIRE and BULLETPROOF CAMERAS as gadget options, you'll never be sure if you're being watched.

The F-NATT DREAD MINE is a throwable device that sticks to walls, so it can be hidden in places where fear can fester. FENRIR comes equipped with 5 mines and can activate 3 at a time anywhere on the map, so you'll never know when your resolve will leave you. When a mine goes off it limits the target's field of vision, giving FENRIR and his teammates an advantage over their fear-stricken opponents. Attack Operators can rely on ZERO'S ARGUS CAMERA LAUNCHER to find the mines safely, or BRAVA'S KLUDGE DRONE to turn the fear back on the enemy.

Studying Neurochemistry, FENRIR was discharged from the Swedish Armed forces when he proposed a project to create formulas that alter a soldiers' emotional state, so DEIMOS approached him to fund his research. When he learned his work was being turned into a dangerous weapon, FENRIR escaped and sought out Rainbow.

Fear is his greatest tool, and his first lesson will be terrifying.

Check him out on the Test Servers starting May 15th. Operation DREAD FACTOR will launch on all platforms on May 30th.

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