2SV Ranked Lock for APAC Region

2-Step Verification will soon be a mandatory requirement for PC players to play ranked in the APAC region. Ranked 2SV lock was previously announced for all other regions when it was first put into place, and this change will standardize the ranked 2SV requirement on our global servers. 2SV is not required for Console players in Ranked.

Once the 2SV Ranked lock is initiated, you will not be able to queue for Ranked unless you have activated 2 Step Verification. The official lock date will be announced at a later time. To make sure you’re prepared, make sure to activate 2SV under the account management section at account.ubisoft.com.

[R6S] 2SV for APAC 1

Players can activate 2SV through any of the following methods: (2SV options may differ by region, please check your local support FAQ for options available in your area).

[R6S] 2SV for APAC 2

PC players who activate 2SV will also receive the 2SV Thermite weapon skin reward!

[R6S] 2sv 3

To learn more about 2-Step Verification you can read our previous 2SV blog for more information.

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