Experience the rolling hills of Northern Ireland in the Emerald Plains country club and private ranch. There’s nothing like the smell of rain in the air as you explore the luxurious stable grounds and gardens. While the setting may seem idyllic for a therapeutic holiday, you won’t have time for golf with trouble on the wind.

The two floors on this map are very distinct—with a modern bottom floor contrasting against the classic style of the manor's upper floor—in order to emphasize clear call outs and orientation landmarks.

Will you risk a rappel through the skylight, take advantage of the three interior stairs, or seek cover beside the fireplace atrium? Partially inspired by Bartlett and Border, these spacious rooms provide a large playground in this medium-sized map.

Not to worry, the stables have been cleared so there’s no chance of Equine casualties.

Emerald Plains is yours to explore, play now. Learn more about the map here.

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