Season 1: The First Principle

Welcome to Neo Arcadia

The Origins of the Hyper Scape

In 2054 a darker world has emerged, but PRISMA Dimensions has given everyone a way out.

New Champions

Many exciting new Champions are joining the fight in Season 1 as they battle for the crown in Neo Arcadia.

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New Season 1 Features

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New Weapon: Dragonfly

The Dragonfly is a silenced semi-automatic precision rifle particulary efficient in mid-to long-range battles.

New Hack: Magnet

The Magnet Hack is a new kind of trap that attracts and retains your enemies so they're easier targets.

Memory Shards

Every week find a new Memory Shard that will tell you more about the characters and story of Hyper Scape.

New Crowncast Extension Feature: Kudos

Show support and appreciation to your favorite streamer by triggering cool in-game visual effects.

New Season 1 Features

More InfoRead Patchnote

Battle Pass

Unlock 100 Tiers of all new seasonal content

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