22 September 2020


Hyper Scape will briefly be down for maintenance today to deploy a small title update addressing a number of bugs reported by the community. While this patch does not impact overall gameplay balance, we are actively listening and discussing game feedback and suggestions.

Sound Optimization

Simplification of the number of active sounds during a match, reducing occurrences of dropped sound. The change should not generate any noticeable changes in the sound experience for players.

Please note: This does not include a fix for the previously reported Magnet issue. Stay tuned for further updates on this issue and the Magnet hack.

Xbox Launch Crashing

We have addressed the largest Xbox One-related issue, which was causing crashes at game launch.

Additional Debug Logs

To better serve the community, we are adding detailed online debug logs to help us investigate online service experience further.

-- Hyper Scape Development Team

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