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Extension Features

Battle Pass progression

As viewer, the extension allows you to earn Battle Points by simply watching your favorite streamer! Just watch a stream that has enabled the extension. Then, unlock new Battle Pass items by collecting Points at the end of each match.

Streamer Squad

Twitch viewers can play with their favorite streamer in the same squad! With a few simple clicks, streamers can invite viewers to be part of their contenders’ squad in their next game.

Vote for events

Interact in real-time with the match by voting for rule-changing events – such as Low Gravity or Unlimited Ammo – which impact all contenders in the match!


Look at visual celebrations triggered by viewers to showcase their excitement and appreciation for their streamer. Kudos are purchased directly on Twitch using Twitch Bits. They also grant extra Battle Points.

Exclusive outfit

Unlock an exclusive Champion outfit when you link your Twitch and Ubisoft accounts, in order to use the Twitch extension.


Check out the current match info, as well as your streamer’s weapon and hack loadout.

Benefits for the viewers

  • Interaction: engage with the streamers and impact their matches.
  • Progression: progress the in-game Battle Pass by simply watching extension-enabled streams.
  • Rewards: votes count triple when you subscribe to a channel. This also allows you to join subscriber-only Streamer Squads.
  • Kudos: celebrate and encourage your streamer with visual celebrations, which also grant viewers extra Battle Pass Points.
  • In-Game item: unlock 1x in-game exclusive Champion outfit granting access to the extension.
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Benefits for Streamers

  • Fun: more interaction with your viewers, who can vote for events that change the streamer's match.
  • Inform: viewers can check your personal stats & loadout while you play.
  • Streamer Squad: invite viewers to join your squad and play with them.
  • Battle Pass: viewers who watch your channel longer are rewarded with more Battle Pass Points.
  • Subscription incentives: viewers get extra benefits when they subscribe to your channel.
  • Revenue incentive: Kudos are visual celebrations sent by viewers by spending Twitch Bits.
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