11 January 2021

Best of Golem Island Photo Contest


Title Update 3.0.3 opened Golem Island for solo exploration and you shared photos of the amazing views you found along the way. We asked you to show us your best shots, and you delivered!

In this article we will share our favorites. Let’s dive straight in!

Best Scenic Shot

Golem Island: Best Scenic Shot

Turba_Official’s Nomad takes a break in front of the lava fields in a shot that looks to have been pulled from an action film. We love the choice of location and the framing of this photo. Great work, Ghost!

Best Action Shot

Golem Island: Best Action Shot 3

Concealed in the darkness of the night, The Girly Ghost strikes! This action was captured at the perfect time – the lighting and Darkest Night make for very interesting composition!

Best Team Shot

Golem Island: Best Team Shot

This AI team will always have PryMinster’s back, and they look like a badass bunch in this shot. We love the choice of capturing their silhouettes and their positions on the hill. They sure look ready to face whatever enemy awaits.

Best Darkest Night Shot

Golem Island: Best Darkest Night Shot

This enemy never saw SCARlettkat86 coming! This shot gives us all we need to see the power of this takedown while the rest of the world is enveloped in darkness. Captured at just the right moment, Ghost!

Best Raid Shot

Golem Island: Best Raid Shot

We issued a challenge, and you took it! ItsHnK braved Project Titan with to bring us this amazing photo showing that there is strength in a good team. Also mentioned in the post is that this was taken on Threat: Critical. We applaud the dedication!

As mentioned, all players featured will receive 600 Ghost Coins in their accounts. We will be getting in contact shortly.

We encourage you to take a look at #GRBPhotoContest on Twitter for some incredible Golem Island photos.

Signing off,
Ghost Recon Team

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