14 September, 2023

4 Min Read

Y7S3 Testing Grounds

From September 14th to the 21st, the Testing Grounds will once again be open. This time around we will be testing improvements for Highlander.

The Testing Grounds is meant to test changes to heroes and other fight mechanics before they make it into the live game. These changes aren't guaranteed to make it into the live game. To help us determine what makes into the live game, we need your feedback. So be sure to participate and send us your feedback!

You can send us your feedback on the For Honor subreddit where you will find the latest TG megathread stickied. You will also find the link to the latest TG Feedback Survey in the stickied TG megathread.

Below is a list of the changes for the Highlander being tested in this season's Testing Grounds. For comments on these changes from the fight team, please check out the Testing Grounds segment from last week's Y7S3 Warrior's Den Season Reveal.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Removed all instances of Stamina Damage and Stamina Regeneration Pause

  • Can no longer hold Guardbreak while in Offensive Form to repeatedly initiate Kick or Caber Toss

  • Exiting Offensive Form now costs 6 stamina, down from 12

  • Increased movement speeds for Walking and Running states

Fast Flow to Offensive Form

  • Holding Heavy Attack during any attack Feint now enters Offensive Form

  • Can now perform a Dodge to Offensive Form from 200ms to 300ms during Fast Flow to Offensive Form from Feints

Defensive Form Changes

  • Light Openers

  • Backstep version now moves 0.5m less

  • Crushing Counter versions now deal 18 damage, down from 20

  • Chained Light Attacks

  • No longer have Uninterruptible Stance

  • Heavy Openers

  • Top Heavy Opener is now 800ms, down from 1000ms

  • Top Heavy Opener now deals 24 damage, down from 30

  • Side Heavy Openers are now 900ms, down from 1000ms

  • Side Heavy Openers now deal 27 damage, down from 30

  • Now cause a Medium hit reaction, down from Heavy hit reaction

  • Zone Attack

  • First hit is now Feintable

  • All Zone Attack feints are now 200ms, down from 300ms

  • 2nd and 3rd hit now have 100ms of Guardbreak Vulnerability

  • 1st hit now gains Uninterruptible Stance at 500ms

  • 2nd and 3rd hit now gain Uninterruptible Stance at 100ms

  • 3rd hit now chains to Heavy Finishers

  • All three hits now cause a Medium hit reaction, down from Heavy hit reaction

  • Heavy Finishers

  • Now gain  Guardbreak Vulnerability at 100ms, down from 200ms

  • Now chain to Zone Attack

  • Feint now moves forward 1.5m, up from 1m

  • Celtic Impetus

  • Now cause a Medium hit reaction, down from Heavy hit reaction

  • Celtic Curse

  • Top version Can now be feinted

Offensive Form changes

  • Fomorian Kick

  • Can now be Feinted

  • Keeps the soft feint to Caber Toss

  • Now costs 15 stamina, down from 20

  • Caber Toss

  • Now also available as a Front Dodge Attack as well as Side Dodge Attack

  • Now has more forward movement 15units (from 13units)

  • Now is faster when performed as a Dodge Attack 600ms (From 1100ms)

  • Hit recovery is now 1300ms, down from 2000ms

  • Pin duration is now 1000ms, down from 1400ms

  • Chain Link timing to Offensive Form Heavy is now 1300ms, down from 1700ms

  • Heavy Attacks

  • Now deal 26 damage, down from 30

  • Now cost 12 stamina, down from 24

  • Dodges

  • Fast Flow to Offensive Form from an Offensive Form Dodge is now 600ms to 800ms (down from 400ms to 600ms)

  • Left and Right Dodges now move 2m, up from 1.5m