21 July, 2022

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Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st

Exceptionally for this edition, the Warrior's Den has returned to a live in-person stream to celebrate Title Update 2 of the current season, Y6S2: Curse of the Scarab! TU2 is set to launch on July 28th.

In this Warrior's Den recap article, we will go over all of the Title Update 2 goodies: New Hero, Throwback Events, Hero Fests, Patch Notes, Testing Grounds Update, and a Competitive Update.

[FH] Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st - Season Roadmap

For a quick recap of what was covered in TU1, check out our June 9th article here

Free Week & Friend Referral Program starting July 28

Starting July 28th for one week, players can try For Honor for free on Playstation, Epic, Ubiconnect and Steam. Players can preload the game starting on July 26th.

In addition, the Friend referral Program returns! This is a way for our For Honor players (aka Referrers) to earn in-game rewards and share their love for the game with new players (aka Recruits). By inviting new players to join you in For Honor, both you and your friends will earn rewards.

[FH] Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st - Friend Referral

Year 6, So Far....

[FH] Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st - Roadmap Heroes

From the start of Year 6, Hero Skins were introduced - Lord Ramiel (Y6S1) and now, Bolthorn the Cursed (Y6S2). Two more Hero Skins will be introduced in next seasons - One in Y6S3 TU2 and the other in Y6S4 TU1.

In addition to Hero Skins, two Heroes will be added to the Outlanders roster- one in this upcoming Y6S2 TU2 and the other in Y6S4 TU2.

For a more indepth discussion of what Y6S2 TU2 has to offer, including the new Hero: Medjay, we encourage you to check out the Warrior's Den VOD


[FH] Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st - Hero Key Art

On the eve of battle, a great pharaoh whose name has long been forgotten once said: "Give me a dozen of my loyal Medjay over an army and I shall win the day."

The day the Cataclysm struck the world, the flourishing kingdom of Egypt collapsed. Its once mighty landmarks were destroyed, swallowed by earth, water and sand. Its significant achievements were forgotten, and its thriving people, no more. But not all was lost. The Medjay are the last survivors of this lost civilization. Warriors once tasked with protecting their homeland, they are now the keepers of their culture. The deserts they call home are filled with lost riches, and the Medjay have long fought back adventurers, explorers and would-be treasure hunters.

With no throne left to defend, the Medjay evolved into something else. Outside of the confines of their old responsibilities, the warriors developed a new, dual-wielding fighting style as they embraced a more offensive approach. With the path to Heathmoor now open to them, the Medjay see a new land in dire need of guardianship. Driven by integrity and honor, these warriors have a strong moral compass that never points toward corruption and dishonesty. They are willing to sacrifice everything to enforce what they believe is right - no matter where they are, or who they choose to fight for.

Medjay joins Pirate Queen as the second Outlander Hero in For Honor! The Hero will come with two sets, will be exclusively available for purchase starting July 28th for 7.99$ as a bundle that includes the Hero, one Ornament, one Elite Outfit, seven days of Champion Status and three scavenger crates. Players will also be able to unlock the hero starting August 11th for 15 000 Steel in-game.

There will be a free Event Pass: Medjay's Deliverance available from July 28th to August 18th. Play through the event to reap exclusive, limited-time rewards such as an execution, ornament, effect, and more


[FH] Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st - Carousel of Horkos

The limited-time event, Horkos Masquerade returns! From August 18th to August 25th, play the special 4v4 game-mode, Carousel of Horkos. You must defeat all members of the enemy team at the same time to win the round! The limited-time event Battle Outfit, Ornament, and Effect will be lootable during the week. A note that there will be some content unavailable for the heroes, Pirate & Medjay. Horkos Grimoire Emote is also unavailable for the Kyoshin. All missing content will be available at a later date.


[FH] Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st - Battle of the Eclipse

From September 1st to September 8th, play the limited-time 4v4 gamemode, Eclipse. Capture the Powered Forge to get the Draconite Scythe and defeat the enemy's Commander. The Battle of the Eclipse Event Pass will also return for the duration of the event! Please note that any hero launched after the release of Battle of the Eclipse event will not have the content retrofitted, however, players will be able to catch progression where they left it previously.


A quick reminder that the Hero Fest is a week-long fest where one specific Hero will be accessible for free and on sale for purchase if you want to continue to play the Hero after the week is over. In addition, a unique execution will be released for that Hero. Players will also be getting two free symbols when they log into the game.

From August 25th to September 1st, there will be a Hero Fest for the ZhanHu. 

[FH] Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st - Zhanhu

From September 8th to September 15th, the following Hero Fest will be for the Shaman

[FH] Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st - Shaman


After the conclusion of the Dominion Series 2021, we have been taking time to look through our learnings and what can be improved. This time around for Year 6, we will be taking a small step back to focus on running community tournaments in order include more players and address feedback we have gotten. Don't fret- Dominion Series will return eventually, but for now we've decided we wanted to take this opportunity to continue building the foundation of our grassroots initiatives and explore different avenues.


Testing Grounds is our tool allowing you the players to test changes in a specific environment and give us your feedback before we potentially implement them in the platform. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In this case for the Guardbreak Vulnerability Changes TG, we've taken the decision to hold the majority of the proposed changes back and to not implement them in the platform. However, we have decided to move forward with bringing Dodge Attacks to heroes that do not have them. This change will be implemented at the release of Y6S3.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during this Testing Ground.


The following were covered during the livestream:

    • Twp Armor Variations of Pirate were missing from the release of S22TU1 - it will be added at the release of S22TU2. Two more Armor Variations will be released in S23TU1.

For more information and other details, an article for the Y6S2 TU2 Patch Notes will be available on July 29th on our Website.