Michel Guillemot

Executive Vice President, Development Strategy and Finance


Michel Guillemot was CEO of Gameloft, a company focused on game development for mobile, smart TV and social networks. Under his management from 2001 to 2016, Gameloft saw extensive growth and became one of the biggest mobile developers in the world. Passionate about programming, Michel joined the family business and made his debut in the gaming industry with his brothers in 1984, co-founding Guillemot Informatique, an importer and distributor of video games.

Michel Guillemot co-founded Ubisoft in 1986. He sits on the Board of Directors as Executive Vice President of Development Strategy and Finance. He brings to the Board 30 years of experience in the videogame industry. With his entrepreneurial skills and his deep knowledge of the mobile industry, Michel acts as a reference for the Board to discuss the industry’s present and future and, specifically, the company’s ability to attract and engage a more mass-market audience.

Michel Guillemot graduated from EDHEC business school and holds a degree (DECS) in accounting. He is a French national.