A few words from Jean Charles Cabelguen, Chief Innovation and Adoption of iExec


    iExec is developing the first blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for trading cloud resources as a commodity. This marketplace will allow participants who need computing power to meet those who own computing power, to support the most compute-intensive digital trends: artificial intelligence, big data, fintech, cryptography, or 3D rendering. 

    iExec's technology relies on Ethereum smart contracts and allows the building of a virtual cloud infrastructure that provides high-performance computing services on demand. It also leverages a set of research technologies in the field of Desktop Grid computing, which collects the computer resources underutilized on the Internet to execute very large parallel applications at the fraction of the cost of a traditional supercomputer. 

    The team believed in a future of decentralized infrastructure and market network, where big data and HPC applications, highly valued data-sets, and computing resources (storage, CPU, GPU) will be monetized on the blockchain with the highest level of transparency, resiliency and security - and iExec as the key platform powering this future.