William Mougayar visits Ubisoft at Station F to talk about blockchain in business

Ubisoft invited renowned expert William Mougayar to talk about blockchain at Station F

Last Thursday, William Mougayar has opened the Ubisoft talk series at Station F. William, who had come especially from Toronto for this talk, is the author of the best-seller Business Blockchain (Wiley, 2017). He’s also board member at the Ethereum Foundation and at the Coin Center, he regularly publishes on blockchain through his blog and he advises major organizations about this topic.

The talk has delighted experts, novices and onlookers from the Station F community. The stage was full, for the great satisfaction of the organizers.

Like the Internet in its early stages, blockchain technology is hard to understand and predict, but promises us ubiquity in physical and digital exchanges, as well as the exchanges of information or money. The core mission of this entire suite of technology is to reach a total decentralization and disintermediation of the exchanges. Thanks to blockchain the peer to peer exchanges are done without middleman and always with a high level of security. All of that is possible thanks to the smart contracts, a new language that allows to “automatically proof everything”, as William said.


William identifies seven areas of disruption for the blockchain: cryptocurrency, distributed and shared ledger technology, decentralization protocol, proof of X, smart contracts, token-based models and finally the ICO (Initial Cryptocurrency Offerings). According to him we will move from a model where everything can be googled to look for information to a model where everything can be checked by the blockchain (« from google everything to blockchain everything »). Encouraging sign of the blockchain adoption: the “cryptocurrency supply” weighted 10+ billions of dollars US one year ago, today it weighs 148+ billions (source: coinmarketcap), proof of a phenomenal acceleration of the exchanges last year.

Ubisoft, as a leading company in this entertainment industry, closely follows these evolutions and has already added the topic to its startup program at Station F… stay tuned.