12 September 2023

The Crew 2 Season 9 Episode 2: Flashback

The next chapter of Season 9 is here! The Crew 2 Season 9 Episode 2: Flashback will be available for free to all The Crew 2 players on September 13th!

After Episode 1 introduced the Motorflix Arena and gave you a sneak peek at what's to come with the Road to O'ahu event, Season 9 Episode 2 will continue focusing on looking forward while celebrating the old.

This episode ich going to be packed with new LIVE Summits, as well as 4 new Pixel events.

Ready to go back to celebrate the future? Read on to find out more!

[TC2] News Article - Season 9 Episode 2 Content Overview - CONTENT RECAP INFOGRAPHIC

Full breakdown below. 


Season 9 Episode 2: Flashback comes with several new Pixel events, which will be dropped throughout the Episode.

Each Flashback Pixel event is inspired by a different unique setting that lets you race through many pixelated landmarks on your way to first place.

[TC2] News Article - Season 9 Episode 2 Content Overview - SCREENSHOT


The return of fan-favorite vehicles continues with Season 9 Episode 2. Old favorites from previous Motorpasses will be returning in September, including the Koenigsegg GEMERA Outclassed Edition (2020), Creators HUNTER 51 (2021), Land Rover DEFENDER WORKS V8 Intrepid Outdoors (2018), and the Ford FOCUS RS RX Glow Motorsport Ed. (2016).

[TC2] News Article - Season 9 Episode 2 Content Overview - VEHICLES COMEBACK INFOGRAPHIC

Keep an eye out for more cars returning as more content is added to The Crew 2. Don't hesitate to take the opportunity to finish your collection!


Looking for a new ride? How about some shiny new vanities? This Episode's Motorpass has got you covered!

Like previous Episodes it is available for purchase with bucks or Crew Credits. Don't miss out on awesome additions such as the Jaguar C-X75 Concept Exo Edition (2013), BMW M2 Beehive Edition (2017), Volkswagen GOLF GTI Dash Edition (2014), and the Proto FLASHBACK (1986).

[TC2] News Article - Season 9 Episode 2 Content Overview - MOTORPASS INFOGRAPHIC


[TC2] News Article - Season 9 Episode 2 Content Overview - SPEED RUN SUMMIT TICKET

Kicking off our LIVE Summits will be Speed Run! Reach Platinum Rank and unlock the special "Speedrun Underglow" to show off your high-speed skills to other racers!

Be sure to check The Crew Hub regularly to track your progress. 

And that's all for now, folks! We know you'll be itching to hit the track and see what the new episode has to offer.

Until next time, Gearheads! 

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