New Rocksmith+ Free Preview available on Mobile - Dev Voices

I'm here today to share about an exciting update we've just wrapped up for Rocksmith+!  

On Tuesday February 13th, we’ll be releasing the Rocksmith+ Free Preview on Android and iOS in all existing territories to introduce Rocksmith+ to as many players as possible. If you’ve always wanted to dive into learning guitar, bass or piano, this is your chance to try out the Rocksmith method for yourself, with no time limits, subscription or credit card needed.

With the Free Preview, anyone with a compatible smart phone or tablet can download the app, choose from the available songs to play and then dive right into the patented 3D noteway. Guitar tablature or sheet music for piano is also available if that’s more your speed. You’ll also be able to browse the full subscription-only library of songs that Rocksmith+ currently offers.

Need more practice? You’ll also be able to check out the full suite of different practice tools, try your hand at any technique and chords with quick practice references, as well as tackle a few lessons or watch selections from the educational video library to get a solid start.

If what you’re seeing looks like fun and helps you to reach your guitar, bass or piano playing goals, I would encourage you to try out the 7-day free trial to play all the songs from the entire Rocksmith+ catalog, a whopping 7500+ songs with even more tracks depending on your region. Over 95% of available songs are original master recordings, which we’re rather proud of - you won’t find anything like it in any other instrument learning game or software.

Over 5 million people have learned to play the guitar or bass with the Rocksmith method in the last 10 years. If you’ve been waiting to share Rocksmith+ with any friends or aspiring musicians, now is the time!

Kaiwen Young is a decent pianist, budding guitarist and aspiring accordion player working at Ubisoft San Francisco on Rocksmith+.

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