An update regarding beta and live phases

Hi everyone,

A few months ago our creative director, Justin Farren, walked onto the Orpheum Theatre stage and announced to the world that Ubisoft Singapore is making a completely new Pirate game – Skull & Bones. Along with our announcement, we opened online registrations for future live phases, including betas, resulting in unprecedented sign-ups for a new Ubisoft IP.

With all this excitement to play our game, a central question naturally comes to mind: when is the Beta – or any type of testing – actually going to happen?
Lately we have noticed that quite a few of you believe it’s on our doorstep, or has even begun already and you’re simply not one of the lucky invitees. A survey sent out to some of the registrants seems to have further emphasized this belief. Luckily, my job as your community guy is to get us all on the same page!

Whilst we are absolutely thrilled to see your enthusiasm for Skull & Bones, we are not quite at the point of Beta yet. The Gameplay Video released for E3 this year, a mere three months ago, was shot in a pre-Alpha condition and accurately represents where the game was at that point. Without going too much into detail regarding software development, I can say with confidence there is quite some distance and work to be done between pre-Alpha and our first live phases.

Beta, or any other live phase where we allow gamers and fans to play our game before launch, is an incredibly important phase of development – not something to be taken lightly or without consequence. This is our first and best opportunity to receive strong, actionable feedback from our audience, as well as transparently communicate back to you about what our game is, isn’t, will and won’t be. This means we won’t be inviting players before we are truly and properly ready to receive.

We can’t wait to have you testing Skull & Bones once the time is right. You can expect us to start communicating more about specifics next year.

With that said, the team is already taking your daily discussions and feedback into consideration. Seeing the conversation about the E3 2017 videos and communications fuels our day-to-day discussions, decisions and next steps – so keep it coming!

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