Two drivers, one car

Welcome to the new Sneak Peek article where we’ll talk about a mode that will test your communication skills with your friends, loved ones or even complete strangers … the Double Driver mode!

Communication is key!

The Double Driver mode is one of the most innovative modes in Trackmania Turbo. The principle is simple: two players must control one car with two controllers. The input from both players is taken into account, so if one goes right and the other goes left, the car will go straight!


Available on several game modes

Trackmania Turbo is not just a competitive game, but also a party game. Since playing together is so important, Double Driver is available across several game modes.
First of all, you can play all the maps of the Official Campaign in Double Driver. This is a great challenge to take on with a friend, and it can also help less experienced players take on the hardest tracks with the help of a skilled friend.
Secondly, in the Arcade mode, you can play both Solo or Double Driver on the same track. It’s a great party mode where you can have Trackmania Turbo running as a background game and challenge your friends.


And finally, in the HotSeat mode, thanks to the Double Driver you’ll be able to have up to 16 people playing together for a bigger challenge and a lot of fun!