Build the tracks

What would be a Trackmania game without a track builder ? Impossible! And I can say that the Track Builder of Trackmania Turbo is a marvel of creation and accessibility.


Trackmania Turbo will feature a very modern track builder usable by anyone. It offers three levels of complexity: Beginner, Normal and Expert.

Time to test the Track Builder

The first complexity level is “Beginner” which allows to use the basic blocks to create fairly simple maps.
When you launch this editor, a map is randomly built and you can directly start to build your track. First you’ll have to place the “Start Block”, then the editor will show you only the blocks you can add next.


For example you won't be able to add a left curse if the mountain is blocking the way in the left.
Moreover the editor will propose you to add a checkpoint every several blocks for regularly having checkpoints on your track and avoiding cuts. Once you add the finish block, the game will ask you if you want to test it immediately. If you accept, the game will automatically put decoration blocks around the track.


This editor is the easiest one for creating your first tracks and if you want to go further, you should try the “normal” editor.

Up your game

That’s a new threshold, from now on, you can choose between several landscapes (or a plain) before building the track. Once done, it’s time to let your inspiration lead you.