Trackmania Turbo – The more drivers, the merrier !

The release is coming soon and today we want to share with you a cool introduction about some multiplayer game modes in Trackmania Turbo.

As you know, Trackmania Turbo is not only a solo experience there are so many other ways to test your mettle.

What are those game modes ?

  • - Double Driver : where two pilots control the same car.
  • - Splitscreen : play up to 4 players on the same screen.
  • - Stunt : where doing tricks gives you turbo boosts to reach the finish line faster.
  • - Bonus mode : is a mode where you gain bonuses to take down your opponents or to outrun them.
  • - Hotseat : where up to 8 players (or 16 players in Double Driver) play in turn on the same machine to score the best time.

There is loads to do with your friends and players from all around the world.
Gather your friends and see you soon in Trackmania Turbo!